How much does it cost to participate in a motorcycle rally? Poverty limits your imagination

2023-09-13 11:45


Rally is the most expensive sport among off-road motorcycle races, and I believe many people have long heard of it. The design and manufacturing of racing cars is a very complex task, and every component on a racing car cannot be simply measured by price.


Taking Dakar as an example, the lowest price for renting a Seymour is approximately 25000 euros. After adding the necessary tires and parts, maintenance and support services, and taking renting a KTM450 motorcycle as an example, the total cost will easily exceed 50000 euros! There are also various expenses such as visas, transportation, accommodation, insurance, communication, etc. For example, the flight ticket from Beijing to Buenos Aires is around 20000 yuan, and the visa fee for each driver is generally 200 euros. The basic travel and accommodation fee is also 4000 euros, and the racing suit helmet and tent cost at least 20000 yuan. In this way and in that way, the price for participating in motorcycle races is around 700000 to 1 million yuan solely for the purpose of completing the race. In addition to the registration and other fees for the motorcycle rider, the total cost is generally between 70000 and 100000 euros! And these costs are only the cost of being able to participate in the competition, and it is conservatively estimated to be around 3 million to achieve results after completing the competition.


Taking the domestic tower race as an example, the registration fee for the motorcycle team is 20000 yuan per team, and the rental fee for each satellite tracker is 6500 yuan (including information traffic fees). A driver also costs 30000 yuan. If the logistics team relies on other teams for logistics services, it will save a lot of money, but even the smallest amount can cost 40000 to 50000 yuan. That is to say, the cost incurred during a race must be at least 10 million drivers.


Jincheng team is currently a relatively wealthy team in China, with two drivers participating in the race. The team is usually equipped with a logistics team of nearly 20 people. The first one is a mechanic. Two racing cars are two mechanics. There are probably four or five drivers, but there are probably two or three who manage food and shelter. The team manager, photographer, and miscellaneous workers are all in a mess, adding up to about 20 people. It is estimated that after a competition, personnel costs, including food, drink, sleep, registration fees, and accessories costs will be reduced by 3 million yuan, with an average cost of 1.5 million yuan per person.


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