Mastering these tire knowledge, changing tires without asking for help

2023-09-13 11:38


Example 1: 195/60 R 14 85 H

195------ Tire width (m/m)

60------ Tire flatness rate (%)

R - radiation layer structure 14- tire diameter (in inches)

85- Load index H - Speed sign


Example 2: 185/70 HR 13

185- Tire width (m/m)

70- Flat tire rate

(%) HR velocity markers and radiation layer structure

13- Tire diameter (in inches)

Example 3: 165/65 R 13 98/96 L LT

165- Tire width (m/m)

65- Tire Flatness Rate (%)

R - radiation layer structure

13- Tire diameter

98- Load Mark

Single wheel/96- Load mark

Compound wheel L - Speed mark

LT - Tire Usage Mark

Example 4: 31 X 10.5 R 15 LT 109 S

31- Tire outer diameter (inches) X 10.5- Tire width (inches)

R - radiation layer structure

15- Tire diameter (in inches)

LT - Tire Usage Mark

109- Load index

S - Speed marker

Example 5: 215/65 R15 89H

215 refers to the width of the tire. It is calculated in centimeters from the tire edge to another tire edge. The difference in this calculation method depends entirely on the width of the tire steel rim. A wider tire is suitable for a wider tire rim, and vice versa

The display of tire width is for your convenience in selecting suitable wheels

65 is the flat ratio of the tire. It is the ratio of wide tire height, which means that the height of the tire edge from the ground to the rim edge is 65% of its tread. The smaller the value, the flatter it appears

R is the structure of the tire, and R represents the radial structure of the tire. This means that its ply is arranged radially. The radial structure of the tire has better stability, larger grip area, and stronger grip when turning. If represented by "B", this tire is a cross layer "Bias" structure. However, the "Bias" structure of the tire market is almost no longer seen

15 represents the inner view of this tire, which means that the diameter of the tire lip is 15 inches and must be used with a 15 inch rim on top, otherwise it cannot be installed

89 represents the maximum load capacity of this tire. The maximum load capacity of this tire for industrial use is 1279 pounds. Different numbers indicate different loads. This weight can be expressed in pounds or kilograms

H represents the maximum safe speed for this tire. The maximum speed for industrial use is 130 miles per hour. If using the old European tire edge marking system, it is represented by 215/65HR15. Different English codes indicate different maximum speeds

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