Motorcycle off-road guide

2023-09-13 11:30

When it comes to motorcycles, both friends in and out of the industry can chatter a few words, and many enthusiasts can also provide detailed information on various motorcycle data

In fact, besides being able to commute, motorcycles also have many classifications; And today we will introduce one of them - motorcycle off-road. As the first batch of imported products from Japan during the reform and opening up, its agility left a deep impression on everyone - compared to the low lying passion of street cars, off-road vehicles always appear more stable.


The higher ground clearance marks a longer journey, and the complexity of the terrain is self-evident. Whether it is lush forests or yellow sand, it can be easily crossed; Every experienced knight is always able to use his left hand to complete every leap at the end of a steep slope by clicking on the clutch.

Every time a suspended compression bomb hits, it is a response from the heart to the call of wildness - compared to the smooth red line roar of a streetcar, its roar is more rough and primitive, and the heat ignited by the motor and the driver's heart can only fall into a brief silence during each high-altitude flight!

Safety should be given top priority in all attempts. Below, we will explain the precautions for motorcycle off-road riding.

Firstly, the helmet that is commonly used for cycling - due to the characteristics of off-road motorcycles, consumers who use this type of motorcycle often travel between various mountain roads.

Apart from the danger inherent in the hardness of the ground itself, the flying sand and rocks on its surface are another more serious threat. If the car is accidentally dropped without wearing a helmet, the consequences will be unimaginable, compared to the use of helmets on track streets.

The off-road vehicle drivers should not only purchase high-quality products recognized by national certificates, but also have the characteristics of wear-resistant outer shell, angular edges, and good inner sealing to prevent the head from being unable to be protected in the worst case scenario.


Next is boots, in film and television works or motorcycle competitions; I believe everyone can often see that off-road motorcycle drivers often use their boots to brake their feet.

So compared to the boots used in other models, the boots used by off-road motorcycle riders require higher hardness! It must be able to absorb impact while protecting the feet from sharp objects such as nails, and prevent sprains or broken ankles.

Goggles are also an important part of equipment, and the goggles used by off-road vehicle drivers also have unique designs - compared to goggles used in motorcycle types such as cruising, their sealing is better, and they often use the same anti fog measures as swimming goggles; The visual arc is often larger, and dust and rain are indispensable on the road of conquest. Without a set of professional off-road motorcycle goggles, the field of view will not only become narrow, but it is also likely to harm the eyes during high-speed driving.

Of course, the above mentioned equipment is only the equipment that needs special attention for off-road motorcycles; Instead of just needing some, knee pads, gloves, and more are essential! After all, after enjoying the hovering experience of gliding, the only way for any motorcycle driver to ensure safety is always the four big words - "be prepared for any danger".


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