Shandong Tengyue Assists in the 15th "Tengyue Cup" Yunnan Dongchuan Mudslide Motorcycle Cross Countr

2023-09-10 09:24

The team under the naming company "Shandong Tengyue Sports Equipment Co., Ltd." performed outstandingly in the tram group of the 2023 "Tengyue Cup" Yunnan Dongchuan Mudslide Motorcycle Cross country Endurance Race, winning the first, second, and third place, making it a very successful race. The stable and reliable performance of the Tengyue electric off-road motorcycle, coupled with the outstanding skills and perseverance of the athletes, has laid a solid foundation for the team's good results. I believe that in the future, the teams under Tengyue Sports will have more exciting performances and make greater contributions to China's sports industry.

The Tengyue electric off-road motorcycle has become a highly anticipated electric comprehensive off-road vehicle. Its maximum speed of 120km/h, rear wheel torque of 1000N/m, and 50 ° climbing ability make it outstanding in various road conditions such as forest roads and fields. At the same time, Tengyue also considered the waterproof level and adopted IP65 level, providing users with more reliable protection.

In addition, Tengyue also adopts advanced CAN systems, achieving advanced applications of digital technologies such as fault diagnosis and human-computer interaction. The entire vehicle has not only obtained a national appearance patent, but also a powertrain structure patent, providing users with a variety of appearance colors and battery models to choose from. The circular steel aluminum hybrid body design makes the cycling triangle more sturdy and comfortable, improving the stability and cycling experience of the entire vehicle.

As a high-performance, high-tech, and high-quality electric comprehensive off-road vehicle, Tengyue not only possesses excellent performance and functions, but also has excellent exterior design and reliability. It is a high-quality electric vehicle that is highly favored by consumers.

Leaders and guests of the "Tengyue Cup" Yunnan Dongchuan Mudslide Motorcycle Off road Race attended the opening ceremony

The title sponsor of the event, the "Tengyue Sports" racing team, won the first, second, and third place in the tram group

Wang Qinlong, Chairman of the "Leap Movement", Attended the Opening Ceremony

Yu Jianfei, General Manager of "Leap Sports", Attends the Award Ceremony

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