Excellent Quality and
Manufacturing with Integrity
TYE, with its 100% electrical properties, unique high-tech design, and outstanding performance, won the favor of 132 elite judges from around the world, among nearly 11,000 entries from 57 countries/regions.
Driving, instantly fascinated
Design of Surrounding Steel Aluminum Hybrid Vehicle Body
100w+vibration fatigue tests, very lightweight and able to withstand the lightweight design of the entire vehicle, as low as 110kg, with simple and smooth lines, all in one go
Single charge battery range
(The range value may vary greatly depending on the testing environment. The laboratory test range results show the actual test data of the product under conditions such as rider weight of 75 kilograms, ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, and average speed of 30-40 kmh.)
CAN system
The battery and instrument adopt CAN communication system
BMS system
Fully strengthened BMS system with comprehensive functions, providing comprehensive protection for battery safety
Waterproof grade
Quick battery replacement
Switching time only takes 60 seconds
News and information
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